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Established in 2011, Oba Couture is a luxury brand manufacturer of handmade leather handbags, footwear, belts, wallets, other leather goods and ready to wear clothing. OBA products are made using the finest leather, precious metal hardware and unique quality fabrics. The bulk of our raw materials are locally sourced.

OBA couture leather goods are made using age-old Italian craft techniques, skilfully handmade by artisans. OBA means King in the Yoruba language and it is also an abbreviation of our founder’s names OLUBUKOLA ASAFA. OBA products last very long because we know that part of the answer to a sustainable future is to make quality products that last.

A percentage of profit from sale of our products go to the Heritage Children Foundation Africa, so every product bought can make a difference for a child without food and education.


Bukola Asafa obacoutureOlubukola Asafa is the Creative Director and Chief Executive Officer at Oba Couture limited. Her journey began in 2005, whilst working in a media company, she was following her dream and passion in fashion on the side making and selling embroidered linen tops.

After completing her MBA degree, she decided to follow her passion in fashion fully and build a business instead of going back to a regular job. This time she started selling imported ready-made shoes and bags. After a while, Olubukola knew there was more she could do, she loved fashion and she also loved working with her hands, so when she felt God leading her in the direction of shoe making and bag making, she knew it was time to start.

After doing some research she discovered Nigeria could boast of having some of the best quality leather in the world, but the people who made leather shoes and bags in Nigeria at that time never acknowledged that they were made in Nigeria instead they claimed to be ‘Made in Italy’ because at that time made in Nigeria shoes and bags, had a bad reputation of being of very substandard low quality.

Olubukola knew it was time to make a difference, she was determined that it was time to bring made in Nigeria leather goods back. In 2011 she applied for YOUWIN (Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria) programme and in 2012 she won a grant worth over 8million naira from the federal government of Nigeria as a start-up. With some of the funds she received from the grant, she enrolled for a shoemaking course in Florence Italy, where she was tutored by one of the best shoemakers in Florence, she also took a bag making course in London UK.

In 2019 Olubukola won the contract by the Lagos State Government to produce over 3000 leather bags for the COWLSO (The Committee of Wives of Lagos State) 2019 Conference.

Olubukola’s passion and dream is to take made in Nigeria to the global scene. Where it can compete with international brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Prada and the likes.

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